Warsaw Map

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Following the liquidation of the Lomza Ghetto, Nathan and Helen Drew fled Lomza for Warsaw. From November 1942 until the evacuation of Warsaw in the late summer of 1944, they lived as "counterfeit Poles" in the city concealing their Jewish identities.

The above map in Polish and German depicts Warsaw in 1941. On the map, viewers can read about locations Nathan mentions in his memoir and see how they spatially relate to places of Nazi occupation, Jewish life, resistance, and genocide.

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Map Key

– places of Nazi occupation

– Jewish sites 

– Catholic sites 

Blue dots – places Nathan describes in The Counterfeit Poles

Red dots –  Warsaw Judenrat and various Jewish ghetto services

Cameras – location of propaganda photographs taken by Nazi soldiers and members of the Propagandakompanie 

Paperclips –  sites of resistance

Policeman – sites of Polish Police Nazi collaboration

Envelopes – Post offices 

Trains – major train stations in occupied Warsaw 

| | – bridges  


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